the Brodie & Leo show (soon with more Leo!)


Holy Roller Coaster Batman!

Jul 5th, 2011

Well. Again, been a while. To say life has gotten busy would be an understatement. Adding the second child has been like adding 5 more. Not to mention the career change Rachel has taken on has kept her away from the house a lot leaving me to deal with both rugrats alone. Tiring to say the least but the light is visible and all will slow down again soon enough. A trip up to Jess's trailer/camp this Canada Day weekend brought with it new lasting memories. The kids were hilarious as they all found things to play with, cut down, burn. Peter and I worked on a 30 year old cranky boat motor and he managed to make it run. So we finally got Brodie out on a boat that goes fast! He had previously been on a "pirate" boat that sailed from one of our local beaches, and it moved slowly close to shore. So he had been asking for a while about going on a fast boat. While this 30 year old 50HP Merc isn't the fastest boat it did the trick for him as is clearly seen in the range of expression on his face. I have more vids and pics to post. And yes some of them include poor forgotten lil'Leo.

OnABoat from Shayne on Vimeo.

An amazing few weeks

Sep 23rd, 2010

It's been a pretty crazy few weeks. Rachel is busy selling houses, I'm busy with contracts. We juggle the kids and our schedules the best we can. However we do stop to smell the roses a lot around here. Every day our boys amaze us and teach us new things, patience most of all but also to see the world a little differently. It's incredible to watch Brodie accept and love his brother, and likewise Leo's fascination with Brodie. And yes, that is a Karate outfit Brodie is wearing. His over zealous (who'd want it any other way) Mother decided to put him in Karate. He loved it and was demonstrating a bow in the picture. <a href="/fotos/gallery/boys-being-boys/"><img src="/sf/photologue/photos/cache/IMG_0593_inline.JPG" alt="Boys Being Boys 8"/></a>

Nick and Candice 2010

Aug 14th, 2010

As per the last post we went to Nick and Candice's wedding in Sutton. Great time had by all. Memorable moments include: - Brodie - Brodie making friends - Brodie losing the rings (no seriously) - Candice's brothers taking care of Brodie - Brodie charming the ladies - Leo sleeping through the entire evening even with the music blaring - Nick and Candice (of course) - Their families, every single person warm and welcoming Two galleries for now. The first is what was found on my phone and our camera the next day: <a href="/fotos/gallery/nick-and-candice-2010/"><img src="/sf/photologue/photos/cache/IMG_0481__inline.JPG" alt="Nick and Candice 2010 6"/></a> The second are photos taken by Brodie after he stole the camera and ran around with it: <a href="/fotos/gallery/taken-brodie-nick-and-candice-2010/"><img src="/sf/photologue/photos/cache/IMG_1138_inline.JPG" alt="Taken By Brodie Nick and Candice 2010 3"/></a>

Wedding Dancer

Aug 13th, 2010

So last weekend we went to Sutton for Nick and Candice's wedding. I'm hoping to get the pics up soon too but for now this video will surely suffice.